2017-18 Dutch School Registration
Welcome back for an exciting year at the Dutch School! For folks who are returning, the process will be much the same as last year. There are six short sections to the registration process:

1. Tuition, Fees and Discounts
2. Contact info
3. Student Info
4. Special Events & Other Info
5. Disclaimers
6. Conclusion & Feedback

Registration should take about 15 minutes to complete. Some questions, like your contact info, are required to complete the form and are designated with an asterisk (*). Other questions, like those about demographics are voluntary, but the more info we have the better, so we encourage you to complete all the fields.

Please note that there is no way to save your progress mid-way and return to the registration later, so make sure you complete the entire registration. The last page will say: "This concludes the registration process. We will be contacting you soon and we look forward to seeing you in September. Thank you, the Board of the Dutch School of Southern California." When you read that statement, the registration will be complete and you can exit your browser.

* * *

On the next page, is an overview of the tuition and fees. We include this at the beginning so that the fee structure is clear, however, there is no payment required to register. After registration, you will receive an invoice sent to the primary parent's contact information provided.

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