WERQ Application 2019
Welcome to WERQ
Welcome to WERQ: Work and Education Readiness for Queer Youth

The Attic Youth Center (AYC) High School Internship: WERQ is an internship program for high school youth who are passionate about making a difference, working for LGBTQ youth safety / visibility / development, while building essential work-readiness skills.

WERQ runs from September 2019 – June 2020, looking for students that can commit to participating in the internship for the entire school year. Interns receive a monthly stipend for 5 hours/week or 15 hours/month for consistent and outstanding participation in work groups and other supportive skill building groups/activities.

We are looking for Thirty-five (35) students that can commit to participating in the internship for the entire school year. If interested, you must complete an Internship Application and return ASAP.

This year, The goal and job of the interns is to be creative and innovative in creating a LGBTQ Youth Community Resource Navigation Blog as a tool for youth in Philadelphia to identify and engage with LGBTQ community, expand their support networks, and link with resources to address their specific needs.

The activities and projects will be based in the question:
How are LGBTQ Youth community resources identified, evaluated, and made accessible to youth; do youth know where to look, has the youth opinion and experiences been accounted for in the process, and what is an engaging way to help youth navigate resources and systems?
Primary activities involved will include research, interviewing, and working on creative and performing arts projects that help to inform and create the Navigation Blog Project.
As an Attic Youth High School Intern, you must be able to commit to participating in five hours a week of programming for nine months:
• Mandatory attendance of the AYC High School Internship Groups two days a week for nine months: Mondays and Wednesdays 4:00pm- 5pm.
• Mandatory attendance of AYC Community Meeting, once a week for nine months: Wednesday Evening after Internship Group 5:30pm- 6:45pm.
• Mandatory attendance of one additional AYC activity group or event every week, 1.5 hours a week of your choice for nine months.
– Check the bulletin boards to find out what groups meet when

What you’ll gain from participating in this amazing program:
• Participating in the planning, implementation and presentation of a LGBTQ Youth Community Navigation Project, a tool to be included on Attic website.
• Being a Peer Support Leader representing the center and voice of youth participants
• An incentive twice/month for outstanding performance and attendance in the internship
• Experience to add to your resume
• New skills in project development, public speaking, researching, and leadership
• Build a Job Readiness and Education tool kit portfolio for future career and education goals

If you have any questions or concerns, email Sade@atticyouthcenter.org

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