Equal opportunities monitoring form
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10:10 is committed to ensuring that no applicant receives less favourable treatment on any grounds not relevant to good employment practice, i.e. on the grounds of gender, race, age, ethnic origin, class, sexual orientation or marital status. In order to assist us in monitoring the effectiveness of our equal opportunities policy, we would appreciate it if you would answer the questions below.

The information provided will be treated in strict confidence and stored separately from your application. This information will not be used in short listing or interviewing. Completion of this form is voluntary and if you do not wish to answer any question(s), this will not affect your application in any way.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact jobs@1010uk.org

How did you hear about this opportunity?
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Are you married or in a civil partnership?
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What is your ethnicity? This question is about the group to which you perceive you belong, which might not be the same as your nationality or place of birth.
Do you consider yourself to have a disability or health condition?
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What is your sexual orientation?
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What is your religion or spiritual practice?
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Data protection
Information from this application will be processed by 10:10 for the purposes of monitoring diversity in our recruitment. You have, on request, the right of access to personal data held about you. We will hold your data securely, and anonymously. I hereby give my consent to 10:10 processing the data supplied in this form for the purpose of recruitment and selection.
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