Highland Creative's Terms of Service
Updated June 8th 2022
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Independent Contractor
Highland Creative (HC) and employees are independent contractors; and are not employees, partners, or affiliates with any company of you, the Client(s). HC will provide graphic, blog, email, photography, web design, and other marketing-related services under your direction; however, HC retains the right to decide the manner and means that the services are accomplished.
Project Pricing options will have a Proposal attached and will serve as what HC notes as “your Proposal” throughout the entire process. The Proposal itself will be effective only for the period of time listed under the “validity date” found on the Proposal itself. If HC receives an email from you after the validity date has expired, another proposal may be drafted and emailed to you for approval. Once signed, HC’s Proposal Acceptance Agreement will serve as a binding contract between you and HC in conjunction with the Proposal itself, alongside these Terms of Service. The pricing and terms of each Proposal are subject to change anytime after the validity date has expired.
Concepts & Revisions
HC provides all clients up to 2 revisions based on one initial concept for each project, as is included in your proposal. Once the amount of maximum revisions has been reached no further revisions can take place unless the client pays an additional fee for each additional revision(s). Additional revisions may extend or delay the completion date or deadline at no fault of HC.
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