PaizoCon 2017 Volunteer Registration
This questionnaire is for collecting volunteer preferences for Pathfinder Society volunteers at PaizoCon 2017. Information submitted on this form will be shared with the OPC and convention leads. Minors between the ages of 13-17 must have a guardian on site. Minors under the age of 12 must have a guardian with them at all times. Note: Completion of this form does not indicate acceptance of a volunteer. Emails will be sent to each volunteer advising of the status of their registration.
Your preferred first and last name.
Correspondence email address
Email you prefer to receive messages at. email address:
Email you use to log into Used for applying store credit and granting scenarios. user name:
Name that shows in the message boards at Used for applying store credit and granting scenarios, if the email cannot find a volunteer account.
Venture-Officer status:
If you are a current venture-officer, please indicate your position. Otherwise, please answer no.
How many GM stars do you have?
Please indicate how many GM stars you have earned running games for the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild.
Volunteer's age bracket:
What age bracket do you fall in at the time of PaizoCon 2017?
Scenario Level Request
What level range of scenarios do you prefer to run? We will work to accommodate your requests, but cannot guarantee all scenario assignments will be within your requested range.
Which program do you want to work with?
ANY=No preference ACG=Adventure Card Guild RPG=Roleplaying Guild ACG-RPG=A mix of ACG & RPG scenarios PSA=Pathfinder Society Academy (formerly Kid's Track) HQ=Headquarters
Scenario Variety
How many different scenarios do you want to run during the convention? Same-all the same scenario Few=2-4 different scenarios Many=5+ different scenarios N/A=volunteering for HQ
Paizo provides volunteer shirts every two years. If you received shirts last year, please select N/A, otherwise please indicate the size desired. HQ volunteers get orange, other volunteers get purple. If you are volunteering for PSA, please indicate your shirt size, as we are looking into the feasibility of green shirts for those volunteers.
Tier Status
What tier status would you like to volunteer for? Please refer to the OPC blog on for the breakdown of tier commitments and rewards for the department you wish to volunteer with.
Please advise if there are any sessions you DO NOT want to work. Remember, the more you limit your schedule, the harder it is to place you as a volunteer. There is no Sat PM slot as it is the preview banquet.
Print Product Preference
The name of which Paizo print product valued at $59.99 or less you wish to receive. Must be available on May 10th to qualify, as this benefit excludes preorders or backorders.
Do you have any accessibility issues?
If yes, please describe:
Please explain what accommodations are necessary for you to participate as a volunteer.
Contact number while at PaizoCon:
Please provide a mobile number the leads can use to reach you while at the convention.
Any other items you would like the Leads to consider in reviewing your application?
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