According to the Global Slavery Index, 40 million people live in slavery today, 25 - 50% are children (depending on the report). 70% of those trafficked annually are victims of sex trafficking. (ILO) In Canada the average age of coerced entry into the sex trade is 13 years old. This is heartbreaking and unacceptable. We cannot afford to be silent. Every person and business has a beautiful role to play in speaking out and demanding an end to all forms of slavery. Redeemed exists to be a voice of opposition, an inspiration for action and a source of funding for frontline charities to redeem lives devastated by sex trafficking.

To equip and empower consumers and businesses to join the fight against human trafficking and sex slavery.

Sell lots of jewelry and give lots of money away. We give away 100% of our profit.

I am a SAHWM (stay at home working Mom). My husband pastors a small rural church, we have two children. Up until a few years ago I worked for a Canadian organization specializing in setting up long term recovery programs around the world. I did fund & project development, was a house mom and helped start social enterprises in Canada and in Nepal.  

After quitting frontline work I realized I still needed a platform to keep speaking about the global sex trade - a cause that I feel called to give my life to. Redeemed was started accidentally and has continued to grow and gain momentum. Sometimes I question if I’m having a large enough impact but now as we enter year four, I celebrate that we have a strong following, multiple businesses that are as committed as we are and together we have given away over $26,500.00!

LORD WILLING - someday, together, we can add more zeros to that number!

This business belongs to the Lord 100%. It is simply an expression of my faith and obedience to Christ and the serve the “least of these”. We are honoured that He would include us in what He is doing in our world today. If you feel called to be used to make a difference, keep reading and let’s talk!
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