Iowa City Cohousing Membership Application
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Personal information
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Your address:
Street, city, state, zip
Home phone:
Cell phone:
Do you currently own your home or rent?
Information about your household
Names and ages of children and/or others living with you:
Does anyone in your household have special needs? Please let us know how we can help accommodate them.
Do you have pets? What kind?
Your interest and experience with community life
What is your interest in community living?
Have you lived in a community setting before? If so, please describe.
Are you comfortable with our community values?
To learn more about our values, see
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We are actively recruiting families with children. How do you see children in your life?
Have you worked in consensus-based groups? If so, please briefly describe your experience.
For more information on the consensus process, see
Your participation in the life of Prairie Hill
In what ways can you imagine yourself participating in the life of the community?  
Do you intend to live in the community year-round?
If not, how will you sustain a participatory role in the community from afar?
Do you have family members or friends who visit for extended periods?
If so, have you thought about how they might participate in the life of the community?
What are some of the resources or skills you will bring to the community?
(Skills, hobbies, talents, character traits, experiences…)
What are you most looking forward to about living at Prairie Hill?
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