Server Rules!
1. Be respectful of other server members! Don’t build too close to others unless the server member says otherwise- We are enforcing a minimum of 500 blocks.

2. No racism or homophobia will be tolerated

3. Do not purposely bypass the afk kick timer.

4. The only client side mods we allow are optifine, schematica, inventory tweak mods, nei and light indicators. All Hacked Clients aren't allowed unless otherwise specified above. Any other client modifications to give yourself a unfair advantage is also not allowed. This Includes Xray Texturepacks.

5. Griefing and Raiding on this server is strictly prohibited.

6. Don’t scam people.

7. Do not exploit bugs found in the server, report them to staff

8. Only certain staff have access to creative- So there is no reason to ask staff to cheat for you. (So don’t)

9. All nether portals must be linked to the server nether hub- Your tunnels may be up to 9 blocks wide but must remain between the stone brick, and cannot be taller than the main tunnels- can be equal in height but bigger.

We ask that players continue the tunnels if their bases are located outside of an area that's already created- Or you can pay a moderator or an admin 1 diamond block per 200 blocks in order to expand it for you.

Nether portals must be labeled with all base residences and must be a straight tunnel to your portal with no height changes or turns..

Feel free to decorate your nether tunnel any way you see fit, decor may expand out onto the andsite walkway but you’re not allowed to build on or above the ice path.

10. Please build at least 800 blocks from spawn in the overworld!

11. All Pvp must be consensual

12. You may build guardian farms- But you cannot live inside the guardian temples.

13. Finally, Staff have the rights to change the server rules at anytime as things become an issue.

Mob Farm/Grinders/Etc Rules:

1. All Redstone machines must have an on/off switch that is functional and must be turned off when not in use. This includes grinders, sorters, and etc;

2. Because of the amount of lag in this version, we do not allow entity cramming farms, grinders, and entities colliding in general. This includes even basic things like villager farms, chicken farms. We would rather you have 1 mob per each block.

3. Iron farms must have a villager scare delay of 30 seconds or more- Since these are super popular and easy to build in this version when there are multiple of them there becomes an issue with lag. We also request that you do not use pillagers in these builds- Please only use Zombies or Husks.

4. Although you are allowed to build on the roof of the nether (Since thats where our nether hub is located) we do not allow farms there- Any farms you need netherwise- please build them below the bedrock.

5. Afk Fishing and Zero tick farms are not allowed as we decided as a community that it is too much of an exploit of the game.

6. Do not purposely cause lag with redstone or use an excessive amount of redstone clocks.

7. No Water Pulse mob farms.

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