HAIS Learning Walks
Mahalo for your interest in hosting a Learning Walk. It is through this collaboration of schools that we can improve practice through observation and reflection, while building further connections among colleagues from HAIS member schools.

Responsibilities of the Host School-
We recommend that each participating school follow a similar schedule, hosting a group of up to 12 educators from other HAIS member schools. The visit will last approximately 5 hours and HAIS will cover the cost of food and beverages, in an amount of up to $25 per participant.

Please complete this form by Friday, September 6, 2019, if your school would like to host a fall Learning Walk. Once we have identified the host schools, we will open registration for participation by educators from member schools. Depending on the level of interest, we may not be able to accommodate all visits this spring. In this case, the remaining visits will be scheduled in the spring.

For questions contact Deanna D'Olier at ddolier@hais.us - 808-973-1534

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Main Point of Contact
Please provide the following information for the main point of contact for the HAIS Learning Walk. Please Note: This is the person that will be listed as the "Who to Contact" for anybody that has questions.
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Learning Walk Theme and Focus
Please provide a 1-2 paragraph description of the theme or particular area of interest that participants will focus on during the Learning Walk at your school. In other words, please describe an area/theme that your school would like to showcase while the participants are visiting your campus. What would participants see and learn about, while visiting your campus? This description will be used to promote the Learning Walk.
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Preferred Dates
Please select the date(s) that your school is available to host a Learning Walk. Note the the day will commence around 8:00 am and last until 1:00-1:30pm
Thank you for completing the interest form. We will do our best to schedule a Learning Walk at your school this fall. If we are unable to accommodate all interested host schools at this time, we will provide additional opportunities in the spring. We will be in touch in mid-September with next steps.
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