Fall 2019 - Season Proposal
Binary Mission
Binary creates opportunities for students’ interest in experiencing hands-on, immersive theatre with other students. Binary is a place where mistakes are praised and are expected. By creating a safe environment where students can collaborate with one another in the design, acting, directing, and technical fields, we give students the opportunity to explore the production process in different ways.

Binary Theatre Company exists to provide a welcoming environment to students who wish to bring their artistic vision to life on stage. We provide the space, resources, and support needed to produce a successful production. This is a perfect opportunity in preparation for entry into the academic and professional theatre community as you embark on your career.

For more information about Binary Theatre Company, please visit www.binarytheatre.org

What Binary Is Looking For
- Inspired individuals with the drive and dedication necessary for producing higher
quality work.
- Material that inspires you. We expect project leaders to be able to take their passion and vision and express it clearly to both the Board and their fellow project members. We want to be as excited about your project as you are.
Resourceful leaders with a strong team. Binary is a student run production company. We challenge you to be creative with what we can provide you.
- A season that diversifies the body of work produced in the School of Film, Dance, and Theatre. We appreciate all kinds of theatre from theatrical productions to performance art installations.
- New, original works.
- Undergraduate writers, directors and practitioners.
Applicants are strongly encouraged to:
- Have a design team identified to produce the work. This is a proposal so we understand that circumstances change and we do not expect you to have a finalized design team; however, we find that production teams are more equipped to succeed when finalized early.
- Have a vision for the work. Preliminary research (images, sounds, etc.) help the Board understand your vision and commitment to the piece.
- Have a rough idea of both the rehearsal and production process.
- Have a rough budget and idea of how that budget will be utilized.
- Clearly articulate specific details pertaining to your desire for this work to be produced. Do not assume that we know how you plan to mount this production.
What you can expect from Binary
Two possible rehearsal slots:
- A show slot that has 1 month of rehearsal space in the Prism Theatre
- 1 to 2 show slots that have rehearsal space in the Nelson Fine Arts Center
- A board of representatives with extensive knowledge who will be there to mentor and support your production team throughout the process. Board representatives are also equipped to assist in gaining access to ASU's prop and costume storage, with the approval of the School of Theatre and Film’s costume and scene shops.
- A modest budget to produce your project. The exact amount will be decided based on the demands and requirements of each show.
- The Board will be responsible for marketing and box office depending on the nature of the production.
- Access to the teaching assistant for the Student Production Class. The TA helps with the needs of the Prism Theater, such as access, safety inspection, and strike, where Binary shows are often produced. We do encourage utilizing other spaces then the Prism Theatre.
What Binary expects from you:
- Communicating problems and issues with the Board so that we can help in any way possible.
- Finding other spaces than those listed above as possible rehearsal space.
- Undergraduate oriented projects that allow undergraduate actors and designers opportunities.
- Understand the limitations and opportunities that Binary provides.
Project Eligibility Guidelines
Must be an ASU student

Compose the majority of their cast and crew of ASU students. Binary abides by the school eligibility standard for casting and crew selection. Auditions are open to the public, but priority will be given to ASU students. Binary is committed to promoting diversity.

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