Teaching "Place" - Regional Event
This is a planning survey for a (potential/possible) regional conference-style event focused on how art/design instructors in higher education teach the concept of "place."

Considering a variety of media and modes of making (public art, documentary work, graphic design, environmental/eco art, social practice, place-based creative collaboration, bioregionalism, rural engagement, and beyond), this event would welcome discussions of how educators frame "place" in their classrooms, as well as the responsibilities and challenges this topic brings. Topics of interest might include, but are not limited to, geographical considerations, issues of privilege and difference, plurality of histories, public engagement, intersection of curating and teaching site-specific practices, and so on.

The event would potentially be held at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design [MCAD] around the start of June, and attendance is estimated around 30-40 people. It would be a single-afternoon event (likely Noon - 5pm or 6pm). There would be no registration fee, and snacks/coffee/tea would be provided. Specific sub-topics and activities will be determined based on the feedback from this survey.

If this is an event you are interested in attending, please take the brief survey below. Also, please spread the word. People from Minnesota/surrounding area are most likely to attend, but there is certainly no geographic limit on who could attend.

I'll collect responses, and let everyone know more details by February 1, 2020.

Ellen Mueller

For those curious, here a couple regional events I've organized in the past:

/// Teaching Social Practice Conference - October 2017, Dartmouth MA

/// 4D (Time) in Foundations Regional Event - February 2016, Buckhannon WV
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There would be 3 need-based travel stipends of $150 to help part-time instructors and grad students attend. If you are interested in applying for one of these stipends, please submit a paragraph explaining your situation and how the event would benefit you. Also, if you know someone else that would benefit from one of these stipends, please spread the word.
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