Students & Parents:

Welcome to Chorus! In class, we will focus on three major areas: music literacy, musical response, and cultural relevancy. This means that each student will learn to create, describe, and perform a variety of repertoire with a high level of accuracy and comprehension. As you read this handbook, please pay special attention to the importance of participation and performance attendance. If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to contact me via email.

D - Develop a Safe Environment
Enter and exit the classroom in an orderly manner
Keep hands, feet, and property to myself
Spit out gum before class begins
Place all backpacks and personal items at the back of the classroom
Do not participate in horseplay

A - Accept Responsibility
Take care of personal needs (i.e. bathroom/locker) before class
Keep the chorus room clean by disposing of trash in the trash can
Makeup work immediately after returning from an absence
Schedule extra help and retest times if you receive below a 77
Come to class prepared with a pencil

W - Work Hard
Be in class on time
Get materials quickly and begin your Daily Response
Complete all assignments on time
Put energy and enthusiasm into classroom activities
Stay on task and encourage classmates to do the same

G - Give Your Best
Keep a positive attitude
Always strive to make improvements
Use an appropriate voice (tone, volume, and language)
Learn from your mistakes

S - Show Respect
Follow all directions from the teacher and any visiting instructors
Follow the processes and procedures set for chorus class
Be courteous and polite in all interactions


REFOCUS: Refocus is a school-wide procedure used to give students time to reflect and regroup after misbehavior. The following Refocus steps are taken in my classroom:
1. Warning – Student is given 10-15 seconds to respond to a warning.
2. Refocus – If the student does not respond, they will receive a Refocus form and proceed to complete it in Mrs. Retseck’s or Mr. Capps' room.
3. Administration – If a student returns from Refocus and continues to misbehave, their grade level administrator will remove them from my class. Parent Contact will be made.

PLEASE NOTE: If your child is Refocused more than 2 times in a one-week period, you will receive an email from me. I will not participate in a parent-teacher conference due to Refocus alone.
Please read below for the list of Major and Minor behaviors.

Minor behaviors:
Dress code violations, Eating/Drinking/Gum/Candy, Tardiness, Use of electronic devices, Failure to comply with directions, Profanity towards a peer, Public Displays of Affection, and Horseplay will be dealt with in the classroom.

Major behaviors: A student who commits a major behavior listed in the student handbook will automatically receive a referral to the administration as well as a phone call home. Administrators will review the situation and assign the consequence.

Tardies: If a student is tardy to class, he/she will be required to sign in. Students with a note will be excused.
If a student does not have a note, he/she will receive a warning for the tardy. Students who accumulate 3 tardies will receive lunch detention. 4 tardies and above will be referred to the grade level administrator. Students arriving to class more than 5 minutes late without a pass will be referred to the grade level administrator for skipping.

Horse playing of any kind will not be tolerated in the classroom. The classroom holds expensive equipment and materials as well as many hazards. Any incident of horse playing will result, at minimum, in an immediate phone call to parents.
Food, gum, and drinks are not allowed in the classroom. It is important to keep the chorus room clean and your child safe. Students in violation of this rule will be handled according to the teacher consequences listed above.
Students that are in continuous violation of this policy will be referred to the grade level administrator.


ASSESSMENTS (50%) - Singing Quizzes, Rhythm Quizzes, Written Tests, & Reflections
At the end of a learning cycle, each student will be assessed on their ability to demonstrate proficiency in the areas of music performance, music theory, and music reading. Each student is required to sing alone, in small groups, and as an ensemble throughout the semester. No exceptions will be made. Vocal Music is a performance class therefore a large portion of our assessments involve class performances.

Students are expected to participate fully in classroom activities. Each student can earn up to 5 Participation points each week. The following rubric is used to assess each student’s participation:
5 The student participated fully each day.
4 The student participated fully most days.
3 The student participated fully less than 3 days this week.
2 The student participated fully less than 2 days this week.
1 The student participated fully only 1 day this week.
0 The student did not participate in classroom activities this week.

Every day each student will respond to an Essential Question. The question relates to the learning goals for each class. Students are graded on the quality and completion of their responses.

Every few weeks (more frequently in their last quarter) students will spend a specified amount of time (i.e. 50 minutes, 90 minutes) practicing their concert music and/or music reading skills at home. Recordings will be available at the HGMS Vocal Music webpage (hollygrovevocalmusic.weebly.com) Students and parents will complete an online form.

Grade Improvement Policy: Any student who earns a D or F on a classroom unit assessment has the option to retest or resubmit the unit assessment. All students must complete a Grade Improvement Application form in order to participate. School policy indicates students can only earn up to 70% on the improved assessment. Please see Mr. Bishop for more information. No exceptions will be made.

Cheating/Plagiarism: All incidents of cheating will result in a phone call home and the student having to revise the assignment and write 1,000 words on the importance of submitting original work. If you borrow an idea or phrase from any written or spoken material you must cite the source and quote the material. Students will receive instruction on how to cite sources. This also applies to song projects. There is no excuse for plagiarism. DON’T DO IT! Be original!

PERFORMANCE ATTIRE (Not for Music Exploratory)


• White Dress Shirt/Polo
• Black Pants
• Black Shoes
• Black Socks
• Black Belt


• White formal blouse or shirt, nothing shiny or distracting
• Black Dress Pants or skirt, nothing above the knee
• Black closed-toe shoes, no heels

PERFORMANCE DATES (Not for Music Exploratory)


*Only extreme circumstances will be accommodated for those students who do not attend the concerts.

May 18th - Spring Chorus Concert – 6:00 pm (All tracks are required!) Per HGMS Policy, all after school performances must begin at 6:00 pm.

*Students are required to stay after school on this day for dress rehearsal. The charge for pizza is $2.00 per child. Please submit pizza money by November 28th. If your child does not want to eat pizza, please prepare for them to bring a packed dinner to school. Microwaves will be available.

Performer’s Etiquette
1. Refrain from talking while waiting to perform and on stage (unless you have a speaking role)
2. Have nothing in your mouth besides your teeth, tongue, and braces (if applicable).
3. Modest jewelry is allowed, and hair must be pulled away from one’s face.
4. Arrive in the proper attire and with any needed materials.
5. Listen to all adults. Follow all directions.
6. Do not leave the performance space during the performance.
7. Be on your best behavior and sing with your best stage presence and posture.
8. Stay until the concert is complete.
9. Stay in your assigned room, seat, place, etc.

Office Hours
My office hours are 7:45-8:15 and 3:00-3:45 days that we run on a regular school schedule. I am available for phone or in person conferences during these times by appointment only. Please email me at mbishop@wcpss.net at least 48 hours in advance to schedule conferences. You are always welcome to email me. I will respond to emails within 1 workday if not sooner

As we study the art of singing, it is extremely important that we have the materials necessary to achieve a high level of choral performance. In order to maintain the distinguished musical reputation of our school, I ask you all to consider giving a donation of any kind to the well-being of your child’s education. Such a donation could be in the form of your time, money, or presence. A monetary donation is not required, however, if you so wish, a donation of $20.00 would be just enough to boost our program. All checks should be made out to "Holly Grove Middle School Chorus Boosters." If you wish to donate your time, please be on the lookout for emails and letters from Mr. Bishop about ways to get involved in your child’s musical education! If you would prefer to support by directly donating classroom materials, please refer to the classroom wish list below.

Wish List:
•Hand Sanitizer
•Dry-Erase Markers
•Paper Towels

Matthew Bishop
Director of Vocal Music
Holly Grove Year-Round Middle School

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I, the student, understand the requirements for chorus class that were outlined in the handbook. I will work to meet the expectations. I understand the consequences if I make a poor choice. I also understand my commitment to my class. I will come to class each day prepared with my materials, with an open mind, and with a positive attitude. I will contribute my best work to my class, and will work to help foster a positive learning environment for my classmates and myself.
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I, the parent, understand the requirements for my child’s chorus class that were outlined in the handbook. I will commit to supporting the expectations as well as the consequences of the class. I understand that my child will have some after school commitments. I agree to allow my child to complete these commitments. I will commit to an open communication with Mr. Bishop if I should have any questions or concerns. *
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