Please commander, complete this form to add the information to the Canonn Institute´s database. The jump destination is a MANDATORY ANSWER and needs to be accurate. If you can't say the exact system name, please do not answer this form.
Aliens are here. Help us finding out what they want.
Where were you jumping when you were hyperdicted? Only note the destination system please, if you don't remember the exact system stop here. *
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What ship were you piloting? *
Was your ship pulled out of hyperspace inside the UA shell (within 150LY from Merope)? *
What objects were you carrying in your cargo hold?
Have you ever been scanned by a UA, or disabled by an UP emp pulse?
How long ago since the last time you were scanned by an UA?
How long ago since you honked and were disabled by an UP ?
The aliens pull ships out of witchspace, disable them, fly just in front of the ship, scan it and then leave using an unknown form of FSD jump. Was there any unusual behavior?
Anything else to add? Did you perform any extra tests?
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