Eagle County Emergency Assistance Request
Please use this form to request assistance from Eagle County due to hardships your household is experiencing due to the impact of COVID-19.

Examples of assistance that may be available include but are not limited to: rental/mortgage assistance, utility assistance, emergency food assistance, household supplies, and transportation assistance. We request that you do not request assistance for any expenses that are being covered by other agencies.

This emergency assistance is not included in the list of federal programs that is considered when determining public charge.

The county is prioritizing applications based on financial need. This fund is separate from any federal or state stimulus package and is needs-based for local residents. If you already have resources available to cover immediate needs and expenses, your application may be denied.

Please leave a working phone number so that we can contact you to conduct a brief interview to collect the information necessary to determine what/which resources may be available to you. We will do our best to contact you as quickly as possible.
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This refers to how many people are in your home that will be receiving assistance
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If you have been laid-off and are waiting to return to work or for unemployment benefits that you are not currently receiving, you can say your income is $0.00 at this time. *
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