Parking Regulations for NHS Students
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* Safety will be the main issue in all NHS parking lots.

* Parking spaces and parking permits will only be assigned to students with a valid Texas Driver's License and proof of liability insurance.

* Parking tags will be hung from rear view mirrors of all vehicles parked in student parking lots.

* If you drive a different vehicle and do not have your parking tag, you MUST notify the attendance office immediately upon arriving to campus with your parking spot and license plate number.

* Students will park in assigned lots and spaces immediately upon entrance onto school property.

* Students must exit their vehicles and leave parking lot after parking in assigned space.

* Improper parking procedures, poor driving habits, or improper use of vehicles parked on school grounds could result in traffic citations and/or loss of parking privileges.

* Failure to follow these regulations may result in your vehicle being towed by Tejas Paint and Body (979-559-0030) at the owner's expense. The towing fees are $175, $20.64 for storage per day, $20.64 for the impoundment charge, plus tax (6.25%). These fees are subject to change.

We have read and understand the expectations of student's wishing to park privately owned vehicles on school grounds. Our signatures below certify that we will abide by the rules and guidelines set forth by the board of education of Needville ISD. We understand that the school reserves the right to search any vehicle if reasonable suspicion exists, and all vehicles parked on school property are under the jurisdiction of Needville ISD. We also understand that Needville ISD is not liable for any damages to any personally owned vehicles parked on Needville ISD premises.
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