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I plan to begin taking money from my investments in... *
As I withdraw money from these investments, I plan to spend it over a period of... *
When making a long-term investment, I plan to keep the money invested for... *
From September 2008 through November 2008, stocks lost over 31%. If I owned a stock investment that lost about 31% in 3 months, I would: (If you owned stocks during this period, select the answer that corresponds to your actual behavior.) *
Generally, I prefer investments with little or no fluctuation in value, and I'm willing to accept the lower return associated with these investments. *
During market declines, I tend to sell portions of my riskier assets and invest the money in safer assets. *
I would invest in a mutual fund based solely on a brief conversation with a friend, co­worker, or relative. *
From September 2008 through October 2008, bonds lost nearly 4%. If I owned a bond investment that lost almost 4% in 2 months, I would: (If you owned bonds during this period, select the answer that corresponds to your actual behavior.) *
The chart below shows the greatest 1­year loss and the highest 1­year gain on 3 different hypothetical investments of $10,000.* Given the potential gain or loss in any 1 year, I would invest my money in: *
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My current and future income sources (for example, salary, Social Security, pension) are: *
When it comes to investing in stock or bond mutual funds (or individual stocks or bonds), I would describe myself as... *
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