NJ Muslim Networking, NJ Interfaith and NJ Muslim Voter Project guidelines, sign off, on boarding form:
Guidelines (on boarding sign off)

* Share messages in English only so that every member can understand.
* Be kind, polite, respectful and professional at all times
* Relevant Posts Only: Everyone must write posts only those are relevant to the subject of the group.
* Irrelevant Content: please keep your messages short and relevant to the group conversation
* Do not post anything outside of the topic
* No jokes, no forwarded messages, videos, spam, inspirational/devotional quote, unrelated content will not be tolerated at all. (Discretion of the admin which post is irrelevant)
* Do NOT share violent, disturbing content
* Do NOT share/forward large files/videos unless authorized by an admin to do so
* Do NOT get angry if someone has not responded to your messages in the group. No one is obliged to do so
* When replying to a specific comment from a person, use the “reply” function to make sense of your comment and avoid confusion
* When noticing that you’re having a dialogue with a single member of the group, consider continuing the conversation to direct message if the person has authorized to do so. The rest of the group may not be interested in reading your one-on-one chat with another person
* No stalking of any member: Members are requested to refrain from bothering group members personally. Further, when communicating in the group, they are expected to talk and behave in a polite and professional manner. Any Complaint by any member (about stalking of him/her by some other member of the group) shall be taken very seriously. The consequences shall be legal as well. These sort of complaints will be dealt with the help of Police, if required
* We are here to encourage, motivate and empower. Bullying anyone on the group will NOT be tolerated
* Before sending a complaint to a group, identify the “administrator” and share your thoughts with him/her

Any deviation from the group guidelines will be taken seriously. Offenders will be removed from the group permanently after the first warning without notice. Admins reserve the right to remove the offenders from all the associated groups
Note: Members who are removed from the group will not be added back to the group. So please be careful about what you are sharing with the group. This is done to protect the interest and privacy of all of our group members.

NJMVP Main Whatsapp Group is for discussing/sharing information about:
- Candidates running for NJ state, county, town and school board seats who are concerned for Muslim rights and visibility.
- getting Muslims and civil rights advocates registered to vote
- NJ Civic Engagement Channels, Opportunities, Internships, Information
-Visit njmpv.net

NJMVP National & International Political Activist Group is to discuss & share information regarding National & International politics. Use this group to help mobilize the US Muslim community, share petition, contact Senate/Congress needs and info on US National events.

NJMVP Networking group is for sharing: Job/Business opportunities, Political Events, worthy fundraisers supporting each other.

NJMVP Interfaith group is to share interfaith activities throughout NJ. Please join us & encourage others to attend Interfaith Events, we must stand united with our brothers & sisters in humanity for equal rights & freedom of religion for all.

NJMVP Social/Community Group.
Post anything and everything you wish to except swearing or obscene material. Muslims need to have healthy discussions on difficult topics, this is the place to discuss.

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