Free Panobridge Mk1 Upgrade to Mk2
Please take a couple minutes to fill out this form and we will provide a free upgrade to Panobridge Mk2, which includes improved dovetail dimensions to provide a solid lockup on all known NV mounts (this primarily applies to the Flat Black models sold earlier than June 2021) and a tether attachment point on the rear of the center part.

Thanks for the support!

-Neal, owner, Noisefighters
We are providing the upgrade as a free service, but we are only offering a flat black color part at this time. Do you understand that you must separately contact us by email ( if you wish to discuss Cerakote color options? *
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How many Panobridge Mk1 do you own that you wish to upgrade? *
Do you have a 5/64" allen wrench or 5/64" hex bit + screwdriver for removal and reinstallation of the stainless steel screws that hold the center part in place? *
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