Routine 4-6 Year Assessment Questionnaire
Thank you for your cooperation. We are required by the State of Wyoming to physically visit each property in the County every 4-6 years and collect the following information.
Describe Yourself *
Your Account # written on Door Card *
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Names of Appraisers on Door Card *
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Date Of Visit *
Your Street Address *
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Number of Bedrooms *
Bedroom count does not affect value, it is just used for comparisons.
Number of Bathrooms *
Number of rooms with a toilet in it. Different types are next question.
Plumbing in Bathrooms
Please check the number of bathrooms with the following fixture counts. A 2 fixture bathroom has a toilet and sink. A 3 fixture has a toilet, sink and tub/shower or shower. A 4 fixture has 2 sinks, toilet, and tub/shower or 1 sink, toilet, separate tub and shower. A 5 fixture has toilet, 2 sinks, walk in shower, and separate tub.
1 Of This Type
2 Of This Type
3 Of This Type
4 Of This Type
5 Of This Type
6 Of This Type
2 Fixture
3 Fixture
4 Fixture
5 Fixture
Number of Other Rooms in Home *
Kitchens, offices, living, dining, family. Don't count closets, halls, or bathroom.
Number of Plumbing Fixtures
Please check the number of the following plumbing fixtures.
Kitchen Sinks
Vegetable Sinks
Wet Bar Sinks
Hot Water Heaters
Laundry Hookups
Laundry Sinks
Primary HVAC System *
What is the primary heating system in the home.
Do You Have Central Air Conditioning? *
Do not count evaporative coolers or window units
Number of Secondary Heat Sources
Please check the number of secondary heat sources in your home.
Masonry Fireplace
Steel Fireplace
Wood Stove
Pellet Stove
Direct Vent Gas Stove
Average Ceiling Height in Home
The Home Sits On A... *
If the house has a basement, what percent is finished?
Your answer
What is the quality of basement finish?
Basement Ceiling Height
Does your home have the following?
Attached Garage - Unfinished
Attached Garage - Drywall on all walls and ceiling.
Detached Garage - Unfinished
Detached Garage - Drywall on all walls and ceiling.
Heat in Garage
If your garage is heated, please select the heat source.
Has there been major remodeling to the home?
Do not include normal maintenance.
If your home is older than 1995, is it ...
Please describe the remodeling including year completed.
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Do you have any concerns or problems with the home?
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If we have any additional questions, can we contact you?
Please provide phone and/or email address.
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If your property has outbuildings that are heated, insulated, have interior finish or plumbing, please describe them below.
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