Save My Spot! 2023 Training Workshops

I get it: You've got to ask your manager, and they might have to ask their manager, and then you get two preliminary approvals but then a finance person has to approve it, and then somebody needs a piece of information you didn't expect and ... ack! Are you even free those dates? When's that big conference again? 

Completing this form can help. While it does not 100% guarantee that you'll be able to register for a specific training using a specific registration type, it does make the odds much better!

After completing this form:

• If registration for a specific workshop isn't yet open, you'll be among the first to be notified when it is. 
• If registration has already opened, you'll be notified when it's close to selling out.

Please use an email address at which you'd like to receive these notifications, and do check your spam folder from time to time, just in case.
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Which workshop(s) are you hoping to register for? *
How many folks for a given workshop, roughly? *
If there's slight variation (a few people for two workshops, 1 person for a third) pick the larger of the two. If there's large variation or this doesn't quite cover it, pick other and describe or send me a note!
Which registration type are you hoping to use? *
Are you interested in adding an Expert Lunch & Learn?
You don't have to eat lunch during the session, but I think it's a nice idea. This ELL add-on brings me back to your team for a workshop debrief and Q&A — it's a great way to ensure the lessons from the workshop can be put to work in your specific organization.
What are your learning goals for 2023?
If you'd like, tell me a bit about where you/your team are at with digital strategy and content strategy, and what your learning goals or needs are right now. How can workshops and training help you?
How else can I help?
Have other questions? Special requests? Need to chat something over? Let me know and I'll see what I can do :) 
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