Sugar Hill Singers Information Form 2017
Please complete this form and click submit below. By completing this form, you are accepting your child's invitation to be a part of the Sugar Hill Singers. Please make sure that your information is as accurate as possible. Forms should be completed and t-shirt money should be returned to Mrs. English by August 31, 2017. Thank you!
Child's First and Last Name *
Classroom Teacher *
Parent First and Last Name *
Parent First and Last Name
Parent Email Address *
This will be the primary form of communication from Mrs. English. If you would like to add additional email addresses, please complete the following field. If you don't have an email address, please indicate this in the field.
Additional Parent Email
Mrs. English will also include this email address in Chorus communications.
Emergency Contact Information (Name and Phone Number) *
Including yourself, please include the name and phone number information for anyone who has parent permission to pick up your child due to illness or other issues.
Your Child's T-Shirt Size *
T-Shirts are $9.00 (please add $1.50 for XXL and XXXL sizes). If you are having financial difficulties, please let Mrs. English know and alternate arrangements can be made.
How should your child's first and last name appear on the Sugar Hill Singers shirt? *
Would you like to order additional t-shirts?
Please indicate the size and number you would like to order. T-shirts are $9.00 (please add $1.50 for XXL and XXXL).
Would you like to participate in Remind 101? If you click yes, text @sugarhil to 81010 or go to
This is a text based cell phone service. Once you sign up, Mrs. English can send you reminders and announcements via your cell phone.
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