Final Details for the new course
The new course will be self-paced and contain mostly USACO Platinum level problems sorted by topic and difficulty. Each problem will have a very detailed tutorials (different from the official editorial), most of which will include question and answer style hints to guide you towards the answer and teach you how to think about similar problems in the future. Each problem will also have a video solution where the idea will be explained, and then the code will be written. If you are interested in such a course, please fill out this form. If you give feedback, the course will be designed with your feedback in mind.
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What is a good number of problems for the course?
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How much would you pay for such a course with 50 problems? This course will take 1-3 months to complete, depending how much you practice per day, and will prepare high gold/platinum contestants to do well on platinum problems.
What is the ideal start date?
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