Say You Oppose This Recall!
California’s progress as a leader in progressive values is in jeopardy!

Far-right extremists who are funding and driving this recall campaign claim that it is about the Governor's handling of COVID, but we know that this is not true: it's about an anti-democratic, political attack launched by National Republicans and the Trump Base who are trying take advantage of the COVID pandemic situation to seize control of our state government after losing the White House and both branches of Congress and being rejected by American voters in the 2020 election.

For students, the stakes couldn't be higher. Replacing Governor Newsom with a Republican governor would be detrimental to and a major step back from issues and values that we care about: women’s right to choose; LGBTQ+ rights; racial, social, gender, and economic justice; fighting climate change; expanding access to quality healthcare; public health and safety; and voting rights.

As we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel of this pandemic, there could not be a worse time to disrupt our state leadership. Governor Newsom is currently laser-focused on getting Californians vaccinated, bringing relief to our communities, reopening our schools, and ultimately revitalizing the economy. This recall effort is a distraction from putting all our state’s strength and might in defeating this virus and lifting our state from the recession that this pandemic has brought with it.

Today in 2021, our nation is just recovering four years of a President and administration that was inept, corrupt, authoritarian, sexist, racist, misogynist, and more, which culminated with a pandemic that was left unchecked to kill hundreds of thousands of Americans as well as a siege laid against our own Capitol, Constitution, and democracy. During the last four years, we saw what happens when National Republicans and the far-right are able to seize power of our government, and we cannot stand by and watch them do the same here in the state of California.

We are students coming together from all across the state of California in a unified grassroots movement to oppose the recall of Governor Newsom. We strongly urge you to take action and use your voice to speak out against this recall attempt and mobilize your friends and family to not buy into this naked partisan power grab.

Stand in solidarity with Students Against the Republican Recall (studentsvrecall) by signing this letter and sharing it with your networks using #StandwithNewsom and #studentsvrecall. California’s position as one of the most inclusive, progressive parts of our country is at stake, and we can defend the state we call home only if we decide to take a stand against this recall effort:
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