Day trip to Detroit to visit historic churches and attend a Tigers game on 6/12 - $30
Who will be joining us for our trip to Detroit?
I hereby consent to participation by my child, in the event described above. I understand that the event will take place away from the parish grounds. I further consent to the conditions stated above on participation in this event, including the method of transportation. I also allow for my teen to be in any social media posts - unless noted otherwise.In consideration of my child being allowed to participate in this event, I agree to waive and release, and indemnify and hold harmless the Cluster Parishes, Holy Trinity Catholic Church any and all affiliated organizations, its employees, agents, representatives, volunteers and drivers, from any and all claims I or my child may have, excluding claims for intentional misconduct or gross negligence, arising from or relating to my child’s participation in this event. I authorize the Cluster Parishes and Holy Trinity Catholic Church to obtain necessary medical treatment for my child in case of illness, injury or accident. Please write your name below to serve as a signature.
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