Participant Injury Incident Report Form
This form should be filled out and submitted when an incident or injury occurs that requires the following:
*Participant is recommended to/ visits medical facility
*Participant misses school/ work
*Any helmet damage or potential brain injury
*Any fractures, broken bones or lacerations requiring stitches

You must fill out, sign and FAX or Email: this form: to the Insurance Carrier ASAP. Customer support call 610.933.0800.

The Team Coach must sign the document.

Here is a link with information on how to file a claim:

The Accident Medical policy is excess over any other available insurance in regard to the injury. This policy will help cover reasonable and customary out of pocket medical expenses related to the injury such as deductibles and co-payments. The policy has an excess accident medical limit of $25,000 with a $250 deductible. The policy has a benefit period of 1 year from the date of the accident.

Email address
Date and Time of Incident
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Name of Club/Team
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Injured Person
Name of Injured Person
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Email of person legally responsible for injured
Parent's Name if a student is injured
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Cell Phone of Legally responsible
Parent's phone if student is injured
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Street Address
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City, Sate & Zip Code
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Age of Injured Person
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Sex of Injured Person
Affected Body Part
Primary injury or injuries
Describe the Injury
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On Site Care Given By
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Care Provided on Site
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Parent / Guardian Notified
Taken to Doctor / Hospital?
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Name, Phone Number, Email of Two (2) Witnesses
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Name and Title of Person in Charge at Time of Incident
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