Vacation Property Donation Form - NEST 2020 Online Auction
NEST is using this format to collect as much information as possible about potential vacation properties. Please reach out to if you have questions about the form or would like assistance filling it out. This form does not formally commit you to donating your property; we will complete a 'check-out' process with all donors to finalize the donation process.

Please complete this selection with general details on property ownership, description, location, contact, estimated value per night
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Property Description (Please provide somewhat detailed description - number of beds/ people that the property will sleep, rooms, special features such as lake or waterfront, golf, pool, hot tub, whether open to pets and children, ADA accessible, etc.) For auction brochure, we will reach out to you for additional details. *
Location Description (Please provide additional details about the location such as access to nearby destination features, whether it is within a resort, or other nice-to-know information that will interest bidders such as wineries, hiking trails, etc.). For auction brochure, we will reach out to you for additional details. Please note that we are aware that some amenities such as restaurants may not be available with your property at this time, but bidders may be interested in a 'home away from home' notwithstanding these limitations. *
Do you regularly rent out or lend out your property, or is this a special option for NEST vacation property auction? *
What is the estimated nightly dollar value of your property? (for establishing minimum bids) (If you don't know, please estimate) *
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