The BDZ boycott is a collective refusal to work for and with the Zabludowicz Art Trust.

You can sign the pledge, individually or as an organisation, by filling in the form below, or by emailing BDZ (

Signing means you will be pledging to refuse your work, labour and the sale of your artwork to the Zabludowicz Art Trust, or visit any of its institutions. It’s an important public act in solidarity with those in occupied Palestine, and their struggle for liberation.

The boycott asks artists, cultural workers and producers:
- To not sell or show their work with the Zabludowicz Collection
- To withdraw the conceptual content of their work from the Collection
- To refuse to sell their labour to the Zabludowicz Collection, the Zabludowicz Art Trust and its associated institutions, including Daata Editions

The boycott asks the viewing public to refuse to enter:
- The Zabludowicz Collection's London project space on 176 Prince of Wales Road
- The Zabludowicz Collection's New York space at 1500 Broadway
- The Zabludowicz Collection's residency sites available to visit on the island of Sarvisalo, Finland

The call for a boycott will be upheld until the directors of the Zabludowicz Collection publicly recognise the rights of Palestinians, and desist from all activities and investments supporting the Israeli state in maintaining an oppressive and colonial system of apartheid.

For more information about the boycott, please visit the BDZ website:
or read this accompanying text by the White Pube:

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