Mobile youth work: study visit, July 15-20, 2019
This event is a study visit on mobile youth work in rural areas in Lithuania, which create space to understand what are the practices of mobile youth work, how they differ from one local community to other and what kind of competencies mobile youth workers need.

The event will be organized for youth worker from Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Bulgaria, Norway, and Italy. This activity is funded by the Erasmus+ program.

#MobileYW #YouthWorkMatters

This event aims to:
a) Understand the mobile youth work practices in Lithuania.
b) Showcase the best Lithuanian mobile youth work practices.
c) Learn from Lithuanian local youth workers how to implement youth work in rural areas.
d) Analyze what are the steps to start mobile youth work activities in rural communities.
e) Learn how youth work in 4-5 different communities.
f) Analyze what competencies mobile youth workers should have.

Target groups:
- youth workers.
- youth work trainers.
- civil servants dealing with youth issues.
- managers of youth center: project managers.
- social workers and psychologist.
- youth leaders and volunteers.

Number of international participants (30):
5 - Bulgaria,
5 - Latvia,
5 - Norway,
5 - Lithuania,
5 - Italy,
5 - Romania.

Conditions: Travel will be reimbursed according to Erasmus+ KA2 rules.

Selection of participants will be done together with partner organizations.

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