2018-19 OASC Capitol Ambassador Application
Over the last three years, CAP students visited the State Capitol, met with Governor Brown, spoke to the leadership of the Oregon Department of Education, interviewed legislators and lobbyists, built their resumes and LinkedIn profiles, and testified before the House Education Committee. This year, we have even bigger things planned. You should be a part of it.

We will select a group of around 40 students to be members of the fourth class of the OASC Capitol Ambassadors Program to represent their peers across the state. We are looking for high school students of all ages and from all over Oregon. This program is non-partisan and students of all belief systems are welcome.

Any student interested in public service, learning more about politics, and making a difference in their community should apply. We welcome applications from both new and returning students. Students are expected to attend all events unless they have made prior arrangements.

This application is due by 5:00pm on Friday, September 21st.

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What unique qualities and characteristics would you bring to the table as an OASC Capitol Ambassador? What are your greatest strengths? *
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In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge facing high school students in Oregon? Why? How would you address this challenge? *
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If selected, I commit to make every effort to attend OASC Fall Conference on November 4-5 and speak with my adviser about it immediately. *
It is very important that OASC Capitol Ambassadors attend Fall Conference in Seaside, OR on Nov. 4-5. We will have a workshop to prepare for our visit to Salem. Talk to your adviser about this ASAP, it always sells out quickly.
If selected, I will work to make arrangements with my parents and my teachers to miss school so I can go to the State Capitol during the CAP winter trip to Salem. *
If selected, I commit to attending all mandatory virtual workshops and meetings. *
These semi-regular meetings will give you key information about the legislative process, how to influence decision makers, introduce you to guest speakers, and more to prepare you to be successful in the world of public affairs and politics.
If selected, I promise to sign and have a parent/guardian sign a permission slip/liability waiver form. *
You will not be able to participate without signing this form.
Is there anything else you would like the selection committee to know?
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As an OASC Capitol Ambassador, you will be representing yourself, your school, your community, and OASC. All ambassadors are expected to be respectful and responsible leaders in their schools. Selected students are obligated to maintain good grades, have excellent attendance records, and have no disciplinary issues. All students' social media accounts must be appropriate and contain no illegal or irresponsible activities. Any violation of these principles will result in removal from the program. *
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