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Friday, July 5th Morning

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The resources will be arranged by Category. Please choose the category that best matches your resource, then choose the subcategory that best fits your resource.

CHURCH ADMINISTRATION - Board Training, Treasurer Training, Stewardship, Generosity, Bylaws, Creating 501(c)3, Accessibility, Security Training

CHURCH PROGRAMMING - Small Group Programs, Food Bank/Charity Programs, Deacon Training, Worship Participant Training, Children/Teens

OUTREACH/EVANGELISM - Community Outreach, Would Jesus Discriminate?, Facebook Marketing

SOCIAL JUSTICE/ACTIVISM - Black Lives Matter, Trans Activism, LGBT Activism, Intersectional Activism, Environmental Activism, HIV/AIDS, Poverty Eradication/Homelessness

SPIRITUAL GROWTH RESOURCES - Book Study, Bible Study, Church Health, Retreats, Sexuality & Spirituality

TECHNICAL RESOURCES FOR CHURCHES - Church Management/Database, Social Media, Live Streaming, Projection Software/Hardware, Security/Emergency Response System

WORSHIP IN MUSIC - Original Songs, New Songs, Music Sourcing Resources, Music How-To

WORSHIP IN WORD - Sermon Series, Liturgies, Litanies, Prayers, Naming Services, Funerals, Weddings, Special Services,
Multilingual Services

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