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1. Man or woman?
2. How old are you?
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3. Where do you come from?
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4. Is it the first time you visit Style of Mary?
5. For how long have you been following Style of Mary?
6. How often do you visit the blog?
7. Do you think it is easy to get around the blog?
8. Do you miss any features on the blog?
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9. Have you ever made a comment? -was it easy or too complicated?
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10. Do you think it is easy to get in touch with me?
11. Have you experienced writing a request without receiving an answer?
12. Have you ever made a request for a specific post? -did this come true?
14. Would you like more posts on the Danish royal family's history, castles... etc.?
15. Do you think I need more collaborations with others bloggers etc?
16. Do you follow any other royal (fashion) blogs?
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17. Anything else you want me to know...?
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