Call for Dream Farm Commons
We need some vital information for us to know about potential co- creators
Brief answers are fine! we are talking to people as responses come in

It's a process! And if you have questions on form feel free to reach out!
Also come by Dream Farm 349 15th Street Thurs- Sat 12- 6PM
Email address *
phone number
What medium do you work in? Please provide website and/ or links 1-3 work samples
What would you like to do at Dream Farm Commons? What form work and creative production?
When would you most likely be at DFC?
Are there specific exhibition, social practice projects, community engagements or forms of creative production you have in mind?
What skills, work, or actions would you imagine contributing to the space or the neighborhood?Are you interested and willing to participate in planning, doing tasks to sustain etc? How many hours per month?
What is your experience or willingness to create a commons? Have you participated in a collective, collaborative projects, etc?
If you joined DFC what would you like and need to get in return? i.e. quiet work space, community, gallery access, inspiring vision, art and social change discourse etc
Money is a reality in keeping Dream Farm Commons afloat and we have tried to balance contribution with means -- at what level of monthly contribution would you place yourself?
Clear selection
is there anything else specifically that we need to know or you'd like to share?
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