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(1) Original Burnt Cheesecake @ Whole 7″ @ 800gram+- @ RM49

(2) Dark Chocolate Burnt Cheesecake @ Whole 7″ @ 1kg+- @ RM52

(3) Double Happiness Ori+Choc Burnt Cheesecake @ Whole 7″ @ 900gram+- @ RM52

(4) Musang King Burnt Cheesecake @ Whole 6″ @ 630gram+- @ RM63
      *Temporary no stock

(5) Cempedak kahwin Nangka Burnt Cheesecake @ Whole 6″ @ 700gram+- @ RM52
      *Temporary no stock

(6) Matcha Burnt Cheesecake @ Whole 7″ @ 900gram+- @ RM52

(7) Nescafe Gold Burnt Cheesecake @ Whole 7″ @ 900gram+- @ RM52

(8) Mango Tango Cheesecake Box @ 350gram+- per box @ RM36 (for 2 boxes)

(9) Box of 16 Tropical Fruits Cheese Tarts @ RM39 consists of:-
      4x Peach, 4x Mango, 4x Mandarin Orange, 4x Blueberry
      Tart Size: Top=2"+- Bottom=1.5"+- @ 2 Bites

(10) Box of 16 Nutella Oreo Cheese Tarts @ RM39 consists of:-
      8x Nutella, 8x Oreo
      Tart Size: Top=2"+- Bottom=1.5"+- @ 2 Bites

(11) Cake & Tarts Set: 1 Cheesecake + 6 Tropical Fruits Cheese Tarts @ RM63 consists of:-
      (a) 1x 7″ Double Happiness Ori+Choc Burnt Cheesecake @ 900gram+-
      (b) 6x Tropical Fruits Cheese Tarts (2x Peach, 2x Mango, 2x Mandarin Orange)

(12) Sinfully Chocolate Set: 1 Cheesecake + 6 Nutella Oreo Cheese Tarts @ RM63 consists of:-
      (a) 1x 7″ Dark Chocolate Burnt Cheesecake @ 1kg+-
      (b) 6x Nutella Oreo Cheese Tarts (3x Nutella, 3x Oreo)

(13) 3 Burnt Cheesecakes (Nescafe + Matcha + Dark Choc Oreo) @ RM63 consist of:-
      (a) 1/2 Whole 7" Nescafe Gold Burnt Cheesecake @ 450gram+-
      (b) 1/2 Whole 7" Matcha Burnt Cheesecake @ 450gram+-
      (c) 1 Dark Chocolate Oreo Cheesecake Box @ 250gram+-

(Add-On) Birthday Deco/Box @ RM12 consist of:-
      (a) Gift Box
      (b) Birthday Topper and Gold/Silver Sugar Balls
      (c) Ribbon tied around the Cake
      (d) Candles + Plastic Knife
      *Note: Cake is not inclusive and Ribbon color/type may not be exactly the same as photo
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