Board Application 2020-2023
Application to serve on WRJ Southeast Board for the years 2020-2023
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What position(s) have you held in your sisterhood?
In all your sisterhood involvement, what one personal accomplishment are you most proud?
In what WRJ projects do you and your sisterhood participate?
What position(s) (if any) have you previously held on the WRJ Southeast (or other WRJ District) Board? (Note: this is not a prerequisite for serving!)
What district events have you attended? (Area Days, Interims, Biennial Conventions)
Have you served on the WRJ North American Board? If so, what years and what were your activities or positions held?
What has been your most meaningful or exciting WRJ-related experience?
What position(s) have you held on your temple board?
In all your involvement, (temple board related) what one personal accomplishment are you most proud?
What committees or projects are you involved in on your Temple Board?
In what other personal volunteer activities have you been involved and what did you accomplish?
Why do you want to be a member of the WRJ Southeast Board?
For what specific position(s) would you like to be considered? Why?
What else would you like the nominating committee to know?
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