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You may not realize this at the moment, but filling out this form is the beginning of your final journey to getting your health back on track and into remission FAST.

We receive over 20 applications per week. Your time is very valuable, as is ours. We only speak with women who are serious about getting the life changing help they need.

Keep in mind, filling out this form is essentially a screening for one of the exclusive spots into the program. As we need to make sure based on your answers that we can help you and you're ready to get help.

Bri from The Autoimmune Revolution team will send you a text to acknowledge that we received your application and ask you to book a time for a phone call. Please do this the SAME day she contacts you.

The purpose for the call is to figure out what it is that you really want and to identify the things that have held you back from having that life you want.

Consider this a FREE breakthrough coaching call! We’re going to figure out where you have gaps right now in your healing journey and then we’re going to figure out a game plan to get your health transformed.

Thank you!
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Just out of curiosity, how long have you been following Justin (founder of the AIR) and reading/watching his content on social media? *
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