An Afternoon with Jim Miller
Melrose Homemakers Club ~ 25728 Park Street ~ Melrose, Florida
Workshops/Concert - Sunday, January 27
Two hour-long workshops followed by a concert - and I've asked Jim to bring along some of his inventions!

Workshop 1 - Playing with a Capo
What makes an A tune an A tune? Why are some tunes traditionally played in G? Find the answers to these perplexing questions, and learn to play tunes in the keys in which they are traditionally played. This workshop covers fiddle tunes that are not played in D outside of the dulcimer community.

Workshop 2 - Changing keys without a capo
Want to arrange a tune in two keys? How about starting in one key and modulating to another without using a capo? Learn how to use chord inversions to move to another key and back again.

CONCERT at 4:30pm - open to the public

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