RGB LAN 2 Attendee Feedback
Thank you for coming to RGB LAN 2! Please take a few minutes and give us your feedback so we can make the next RGB LAN even better!
Overall, how much did you enjoy RGB LAN 2? *
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It was great!
What did you like about the event? *
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What didn't you like about the event? *
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What should we add? *
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Overall, how much did you care about the points system? *
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How should we improve the points system?
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Did you feel like you were supporting a good cause? Do you think we selected charities that people could connect with?
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If you have a charity that you think we should support for the next event, please tell us a bit about it below.
Please note, the ideal candidates are small and local to Philadelphia. They should be organizations that our attendees can connect with and be passionate about supporting. Please include any contact information, if you have it.
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If you know of any vendors that might be interested in a booth at the next RGB LAN, please provide their contact information below.
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We're considering adding more members to our family! If you're interested in becoming a staff member, please tell us a bit about yourself and what you're interested in helping with. Please leave your contact information!
Please include any special skills you may have, such as graphics design, programming, or networking abilities. Also, please list any experience you have with similar organizations and events.
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Any final thoughts or things you want to comment on?
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Are you coming to RGB LAN 3 in October?!?!? *
If you think of anything else, or want to chat with the staff directly, make sure you join our Discord server and check out the #feedback-and-suggestions channel!
Discord server invite link: discord.gg/rgblan
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