Memorial Lantern Application Burning the Clocks - December 21st 2018
This is an application form for individuals and families wishing to create a memorial lantern to commemorate the death of a loved one and take part in the annual Burning the Clocks parade, created by Same Sky.

The 'Memorial Lanterns' are for those who have faced the death of a friend, relative or loved one in the last year. You will be invited to a lantern making workshop, on the 15th December, to decorate your own unique and personal lantern for the parade. You will then join us for Burning the Clocks on the 21st December and walk with others in joyful remembrance to celebrate the winter solstice and celebrate your loved one.

These lanterns are available thanks to ARKA original funerals and their kind sponsorship. Please complete the form and we will let you know if you have been allocated a place on the parade.

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Who is your Memorial Lantern for?
Their Name *
This will be read out at the finale of the event
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Tell us a little about them, why they were special and why you wish to Parade in their memory?
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The lantern making workshop
The workshop will be held 11am-2pm on Saturday 15th December 2018
It is a lovely session of making with willow and paper and glue, it's fun and thoughtful, and you will be with others who are coming to terms with bereavement.
How many will attend the workshop?
We can have a maximum of 4 in each group
The Parade
The Parade is on the 21st of December in Brighton and starts at 5pm
How many people will join the parade with you. We are limited in numbers so a maximum of 4 people are allowed per group.
Do you or any of your group require any assistance with mobility?
If yes please give us some details
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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