Global Geography Exchange
The Global Geography Exchange will be a geography snapshot of the city, state, or country described by students. They would write a short informal letter introducing themselves and general location. They will also describe where they live based on the Five Themes of Geography (like location, landforms, human characteristics, human-environment interaction, region, and transportation). There should be some images to support the writing, but what that looks like is up to the participants.

Anyone who fills out the form will get either a letter or an email along with the survey from my 6th grade class. The Five Themes of Geography is a topic at the beginning of the school year for us. The hope is sometime during the school year, your class would respond, whether in writing or even just a short video showing the geographic themes of where your class lives.

Once you submit the form, you will also be able to see contact information for other schools, and you can connect with them as well.

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