FSES Seminar on 6 Oct, 2017 ~ NGOs/SE: Organization Transformation (機構轉化)
Full Booking of FSES Seminar on 26 Sep, 2017
HKCSS and HKU EXCEL3 had published a report on “Institutional Innovations for NGO Capacity Building – A Decade Review”. By definition, ‘innovation’ means getting better results by adding new elements. The report had identified a list of new habits of behavior, i.e., practices, that NGOs have to pick up. But there is a missing link.

It is only when there is a change in the Habits of Mind then there will be a change in the Habits of Behavior. Without an intentional effort to change the mind, the natural adaptation to the new habits, if happened, will take about three years. To speed up the adaptation, the organization can apply Jack Mezirow’s Transformation Learning process, which is consisted of 5 stages from Event, Examination, Exploration, Experimentation, to Emerge-to-a-New-Normal.
The process extends the existing Frames of Reference to make them more inclusive, discriminating, reflective, and emotionally able to change. Frames with these characteristics are more likely to generate beliefs and opinions that will prove truer or more justified to guide actions.

BGCA is one of the successful cases of Organization Transformation. The triggering Event was its identification of Numerical Competence as a new tool to complement its professional staff’s narrative competence. The training spread over 4 months facilitating their Examination on existing frame of reference, followed by their Exploration for two months, and then Experimentation for another two months. The initial results showed significant improvement. Moreover the improvement in the test group (trained) is about double that of the control group (not trained).

In the 2-half day seminars, speakers will share the application of the numeric competence in two major knowledge domains: Hoshin Planning and Social Impact Measurement. Cases from different NOGs/SEs will be shared to show the impacts of the “Transformers”.

Seminar 1 – 26 Sep, 2017 (Tue)
Topic: Hoshin Plan
Time: 10:00am – 12:30pm
Speakers: Dr. Kee Chi Hing, Chair of FSES
Ms Verena Hui, BGCA
Mr. Davy Lau, BGCA

Seminar 2 – 26 Oct, 2017 (Thu)
Topic: Social Impact Measurement (SIM)
Time: 10:00am – 12:30pm
Speaker: Mr. Ted Kwan, CFA, President of HK Social Innovation Institute (a subsidiary of FSES), author of the booklet An Introduction to Social Impact Measurement: Hong Kong Context, sponsored by Home Affairs Bureau

Language: Cantonese

Venue: Thinkaholic, 21-B Kyoto Plaza (京都廣場), 491-499 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay, HK (Next to Causeway Bay MTR Station Exit C)

Fee: HK$300/seminar (*MSE Alumni/Current MSE Student Rate: HK$150 /seminar; **FSES Member Rate: HK$200/seminar)

Registration Deadline: 22 Sep, 2017 for Seminar 1; 20 Oct, 2017 for Seminar 2 (Seats are limited, first-come-first-served)

Enquiry: info@fses.hk

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