Summer, Fall 2017 Honors College Teaching Preferences
Submit this form by 11:59PM 11-15-2016 to indicate your teaching preferences for Fall 2017. Every effort will be made to account for these preferences during final scheduling, but choices cannot be guaranteed. Only courses already accepted by the Curriculum Committee will be considered.

If you would like to teach both in Summer and Fall 2017, please fill out this form twice, once for each semester.

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How many courses would you like to teach?
Please give the level (100, 200 <core area>, 300, 400) and title of the courses you would like to teach in the semester you indicated above. Please list them in order of your preference to teach.
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When are you available to teach in the semester indicated above?
Do you have any special requests for your teaching (once-a-week course, out of hours, specific room, break from typical UNM course schedule, etc.)?
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