PCP Membership Form 2019 & 2020
IMPORTANT: This new online membership form must be completed by all PCP regular and associate members as part of our organization's database update and membership renewal process.

Please fill up completely and accurately. Your data will be treated with full confidentiality. Only regular members are allowed to share this link to invited photojournalists.  

NOTE to NEW (invited) members:
Filling up this membership form signifies your interest to become an Associate Member of PCP.

An Associate Member is given at least two years probationary period before being inducted as a regular member.

If you have any questions & concerns, please email info@pcp.ph
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Annual membership fee (Php 2000 for 2 years)
Membership fee

- Regular and Associate Members: Php 2,000 (2 years)/ 1,000 annual
- Applicants Php 2,500 (2 years)

PS Bank
Bank Account Name: Photojournalists Center of the Philippines, Inc.
Bank account number: 135102-00035-9

To complete your membership renewal, take a photo of your deposit slip with your name on it and email to: info@pcp.ph

A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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