ESL Needs Assessment. Check 3 topics that you would like to learn more about in class.
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Consumer Economics - Banking (1.4) This includes reading and understanding bank and credit card statements, filling out credit card, bank and loan applications and how to write and deposit checks.
Consumer Economics- Housing (4.5) This includes learning about different types of housing, completing a rental agreement, working with utility companies.
Community and Government Safety Resources - Safety (7.4) This includes learning how to report crimes, accidents and emergencies.
Community Problems - Advocacy (8.5) This includes learning about how to report a problem in your neighborhood or town.
Childcare - (9.3) This includes learning about how to find a childcare or preschool program.
Important Place in the Community - (10.6) This includes finding important places in the community to get help and services.
Community Resources- DMV (12.4) This includes Road signs, traffic stop, citations.
Community Resources- Education (13.4) This includes interacting with your child's school, Map/directions, writing a note to the school, filling out a registration form.
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Education and Training Programs - Adult Education (14.6) This includes learning about community colleges and trade schools in your area.
Contacting Emergency Services (15.2) - This includes learning local emergencies services and how to report emergencies.
Community Activities (20.7) - This includes learning about activities for adults and kids that are fun such as adult sports, kids sports, dance classes, outdoor exercise places, and parades.
Accessing to Healthcare (28.5) - This includes interacting with healthcare providers
Pharmacy/Medicines (30.4) This includes how to access your pharmacy and medications
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Finding Job and Job Training (33.8) - This includes learning about places to find a job and places that offer job training.
Nutritional Resources/Preparing Healthy Meals (46.7) This includes how to access resources for nutrition education and information about where to purchase and how to prepare healthy foods.
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