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Debuting in the summer of 2020, Camp Mo is Edmodo’s free summer camp. Week long camps will be both educational and fun, bringing together online instruction with offline activities. Each day of the week campers will login to their Camp and get activities, challenges, and tasks to complete. They will be able to safely connect and collaborate with students like themselves from around the world, always monitored by professional camp counselors. To make Camp Mo accessible to as many students as possible, activities can be accessed anytime during the day, whenever they have access to a connected device. Each camp will have around two hours of fun activities per day.

Camp Mo camps are run by teachers and experts around the world for students aged 9-15. Students will be placed into camps with other students of their age. If you have multiple campers who would like to join simply fill out the form once per student.

How it works:
- Sign up your child and receive login instructions on the Saturday before the camp starts (all camps start on Mondays).
- Login to the camp to read the syllabus and prep materials for your child (we only use common items you probably have around the house).
- Your child logs in each weekday to do a fun activity. The day's activities are posted at 8:30am EST each weekday and camps run Monday through Friday.

What to expect:
- Make your own schedule --- each day of camp, your child logs on to find out what they'll be doing that day at a time that works for them (no set meeting time, no Zoom calls)
- 2+ hours worth of activities and content per day
- Your child does the projects on their own at home, but is able to talk with and send/receive messages with their counselors and campmates throughout the day and the week (conservations are always moderated).

Campers can join as many camps as they like and will receive fun Camp Mo swag after completing the camps!

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