How do you agree on appointments?
Appointment scheduling sucks! It always goes like "Hey how about this Saturday?", "Oh no I can't Saturday. What about next Tuesday?" and so on and so forth. Also it only get's worse with more and more people involved. To figure out why the Appointment Scheduling experience is so horrible I'd like you to answer a few short questions on how you schedule your appointment today.

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How do you organise yourself privately? *
Do you access your Calendar on your Mobile Devices? *
How many non work related appointments do you schedule per Week? *
or more than 5
How many of these non work related appointments do you schedule remotely? *
NOT in a Face 2 Face talk
How many of these non work related appointments do you schedule with a group? *
How do you schedule your appointments remotely? *
Where do you have the “How’s Wednesday for you?” conversations?
My preferred way
A lot
Try to avoid
Phone Calls
Mobile Text Messages (SMS/WhatsApp/Facebook/...)
Email plain Text
Email with iCal invites
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Do you share calendar data between work and private Calendars? *
If "Yes" how do you share the work and private calendars?
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Anything you want to add?
This is a free text to add anything that you believe is important about scheduling appointments which is not covered by the Form
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