Rental Application for The Foundry
Our tenants are the driving force in a lot of the programming and activity that happens at The Foundry, so we are very careful to make sure potential new tenants fit before accepting them into the mix.  

Please apply if:
-You are committed to growing a business and plan to be at The Foundry at least 10 hours a week
-You are passionate about education and mentorship and would be open to teaching in our youth or adult programs (this is a good way to make extra money and/or get your business name out there)

Do not apply if:
-You are looking for storage space
-You are looking for art studio space (not interested in running a business)
-You are not looking to engage with The Foundry community
-Your business' main source of income is or will be classes (you are encouraged to teach in our Education Programs, but it should not be listed as the primary revenue for your business plan)

Here is what The Foundry is currently offering to its tenants:

24/7 access
Private work space with wifi and security system
Business assistance (planning, financial literacy, etc)
Skill-shares, Discount to classes
Weekly open-house/tour, opportunity to demonstrate what you do
Member of the Tenant Committee (help select incoming tenants)
Shared woodshop, metalshop, tech and textile studio access
Conference room outfitted for meetings/office work
Mail service

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General Information
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Business Information
What is the name of your business?
What is your business structure?
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What type of business do you want to run at The Foundry? *
Please be specific. Instead of only writing "small-scale production" or "screenprinting", elaborate on what exactly you make, how you make money with this business model, what phase of the business you're at (do you have clients already, do you have a prototype, is it still just an idea) , etc. The more information you can give, the easier it is for the tenant selection committee to determine if you are a good fit for the incubator space.
Do you want support for growing your business?
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Do you have employees or anticipate having employees?
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How many people do you anticipate regularly using your space at once?
Yourself + employees/clients/etc
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How often do you anticipate using your space?
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Are there any special needs?
Basic space includes: 8’ high walls, lockable door, painted drywall interior walls.   At least one 110 volt electrical circuit, usually 20 amp. Overhead lighting, heating, sprinklers, building security, 24 hour access, and WIFI.  Extras would involve: more electric (220 lines), water & drains, hot water, extra ventilation, temperature requirements, etc.
Square Footage Desired
Creative Community
The Foundry is small business incubator and community education space that is working to create an environment of professional collaboration and skill sharing. We are seeking applicants that are interested in participating by renting a space and also engaging with our residents and the greater community. We greatly encourage sharing of information, ideas, skills and request that a tenant offer a minimum one skill-share/workshop per year.
How can you/how would you like to contribute to The Foundry's non-profit mission (increasing neighborhood prosperity by empowering individuals through education and entrepreneurship)?
What community engagement have you done in the past and what could you do at The Foundry in the future?
 (i.e. held workshops, painted a mural, etc.)
Do you hold any certifications or skill sets that you are willing to share occasionally?
(can relate to making, but could also be other life skills/certifications that might be helpful for other business tenants and/or students we work with)
Thank you for all your answers!
The following outlines the process of either acceptance or decline when we have space available:

1.  Your application will be reviewed by the Tenant Committee and The Foundry Staff/Board of Directors.

2. Notification of review. Depending on if we have space and a number of other factors, you will either receive a decline or an invitation for an informal interview.

3. You will interview with some of The Foundry tenants, staff and/or board members to see if moving in is a good fit for both parties.

4. The Tenant Committee holds a vote and notifies applicant of acceptance/decline.

5. If your application is accepted, a meeting will be set for  a walk-through, move-in date and lease & tenant agreement signing.
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