Food Host Questionnaire
Answer these quick questions so I can design a Las Vegas food experienced tailored to your own needs and desires.
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What dates/times would you like meals to be scheduled for? (if flexible on time, say you're flexible) *
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What is your overall budget and single meal budget? *
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What area of town will you be staying in? (to determine locations of nearby restaurants) *
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How far are you willing to travel? Do you have a car? *
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Have you ever been to Las Vegas before? If so, are there any restaurants that you would either like me to include or not include as part of your itinerary? *
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Do you have any major likes/dislikes/allergies that would preclude a major restaurant choice? (Example: you are obsessed with BBQ, don't like seafood, can't eat nuts, etc) *
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What would you say is your favorite style cuisine? (Example: BBQ, sushi, Italian, etc) *
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How spicy do you like things? *
No spice at all.
How much do you like sushi? *
Ew, can't stand it.
It's my favorite food!
How much do you like Asian food? *
I'll stick to meat and potatoes, thank you.
It's all I eat!
How adventurous food-wise do you consider yourself? *
I'm as picky as they come.
I'll try anything!
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