Navan Grads Junior A Hockey Club
The following player questionnaire is for all 2007 Birth Year Players that are eligible for the 2022 CCHL Bantam Protected Draft. IMPORTANT: Please fill out all the information below:
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Which CCHL organization is located closest to your home address *
Do you have a close relative(s) who has (have) been involved in Junior, Major Junior, NCAA or professional hockey? If yes, what relative was this? Give the relationship to you (brother, sister, father, etc), the name of the person and the team. *
What school do you currently attend? Do you consider yourself a high achiever academically? Have you received any academic honours, awards or achievements? *
Do you have interest in playing in the OHL? *
Do you have interest in playing NCAA hockey? *
What is your ambition outside of hockey? Do you have any other interests? *
Describe your leadership skills *
In your opinion, what are the characteristics of a good teammate? *
In your opinion, who is the best leader on your team and why? *
In your opinion, who is the hardest player to play against on your team and why? *
In what hockey areas do you think you need to improve? *
What are your strongest assets as a player? *
Who is the NHL player your game would most likely be compared to? *
Who is your favourite NHL player? *
Describe the type of player you have been called? (i.e. power forward, pure scorer, offensive defenseman, stay-at-home defenseman, skilled forward) *
In your current league, who are three players at your position that you think are good? *
Which goalies do you find tough to play against, or to practice against? *
Do you have someone who advises you currently or you plan to have advise you in the future? If yes, please list their name and contact information (i.e. family advisor, parent, coach) *
If you and your family reside 65km or more from the Navan Memorial Centre in Navan, Ontario and agree to report and play for the Navan Grads U18 program if you are selected by the Navan Grads; please have your parent send an email to providing consent prior to the terms outlined above prior to the 2022 CCHL Bantam Protected Draft.
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