EMPEX LA 2020 Talk Submission
Thank you for considering submitting your talk to EMPEX LA 2020. The submission deadline is September 15, 2019 with selections made by October 1st. The conference will be held February 8th in Los Angeles, California.
What we're looking for
Any topics related to building realtime applications. That means any application that pushes updates to users as they come in, like a chat app, online game, financial data streaming, or an auto-updating dashboard. This conference is not just for developers - user experience concerns, data visualizations, application design patterns, dataflow processing, or database storage techniques are all of interest. Designers, product managers, DBAs, and entrepreneurs are all encouraged to submit talks. We think Elixir developers have a lot to learn from the wider realtime community, and people interested in realtime applications will add a new tool to their toolbox.

The backdrop for this conference is the power of the Elixir platform to easily build large-scale applications that support realtime data processing and presentation. While such applications are not new, they have previously been expensive to build and maintain, putting them out of reach of most companies. Elixir effectively democratizes this power, allowing small teams to quickly develop next-generation solutions. It's our belief that every application should be realtime by default. The Refresh button should be a thing of the past.

Some example topics include: How do you build a reactive frontend? Is LiveView enough? What databases are best suited to this task? How do we not surprise users when data changes underneath them? What are strategies for dealing with realtime dataflows at scale? What _needs_ to be realtime, and what's simply nice to have? We want you to share your experiences so others can follow in your footsteps.

Our conference fully embraces both new and experienced speakers. We strongly value featuring a diverse, creative line-up of speakers: ones from different backgrounds with a wealth of different experiences to share with our attendees.

How we help speakers
Out-of-town speakers will be provided support for travel and lodging. Local speakers and those who do not need travel support are offered an honorarium. We will provide coaching for both talk prep and slide design to any speaker who would like it. We do our best to accommodate any accessibility concerns, including elevator access in the conference venue and other event-related spaces. For more on what we offer speakers and why, please check out our Medium article on the topic: medium.com/empex/to-our-speakers-92fd4784dbdd
Your Submission
All submissions are anonymized, and during the first round of selection no member of the committee has access to identifying information.

All talks and speakers must comply with our Code of Contact (empex.co/code-of-conduct.html), which applies to all EMPEX-related communications as well as to the conference itself. Please review it before submitting your proposal. Email us at info@empex.co with any questions.

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