Scientific computing for humans
Aalto Scientific Computing (Science-IT) is beginning a program to provide hands-on support for all the difficult, non-academic aspects of computing: Triton, scripting, automation, git, etc. This support is more like co-working and mentoring than teaching or classic support. This is what we have always aspired to, and we will formalize this service as a Research Software Engineering (RSE) service and develop our service beyond what we can currently provide.

This survey is to
* determine demand in order to secure funding and balance staff
* collect interested researchers, to contact once the program begins.

For more information, see or contact Richard Darst.
Computing shouldn't get in the way of research. Yet, we have very different academic backgrounds these days, and most backgrounds don't prepare one for the realities of applied computing. We are developing a program to address this problem (which yes, we see every day), and you can help us by filling out the following survey if you are interested.

Our hope is that by leveraging the expertise and coding skills of RSEs at crucial points of your projects (start of a new project, start of larger computations, publishing your code/results to the wider audience) you can bypass harder steps at the start, obtain a better coding environment during the development, run your code faster and improve your research results.

We can provide:
- A quick consultation to decide if you can benefit and how
- 1-2 days of intensive co-working and development, to kickstart your work or solve particular issues
- Longer projects (subject to your group's funding)
Brief description of you scientific field, question, and tools you currently use. (few words or 1-2 sentences)
What type of service are you currently interested in? Can be upgraded / downgraded later. *
What type of help would you like, if you know? This is a long list of examples to inspire you. (optional, especially if you are just asking for an initial consultation).
Can you tell us more about what you want us to do? (optional, short OK)
Any comments about this program or other info about your work? (optional)
About you
We don't want to collect unneeded information, but this is important to:
- Request funding from departments
- Allocate our time to units based on how they fund it
- Justify this program's existance
Your Aalto school (ARTS / BIZ / CHEM / ELEC / ENG / SCI) *
Your department *
Your academic level (what you are currently studying towards) *
How likely are you to use this service, if it was available?
If you give 2 or less, we may not contact you to set up a time to work.
certainly not
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Usage of the information you submit
By submitting this form, you agree:
- Submissions may be discussed internally for scheduling and planning (without your name, where possible)
- You may be contacted regarding your submission (unless opt-out)
- You will later receive email announcements when the program starts, and may be asked to re-submit. (unless opt-out)
- Aggregate responses may be used for planning and development.
- Data handled under Aalto privacy policy for employees and you agree to submit your info through Google Forms.
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If you express desire to use this service, you may be contacted to schedule a meeting or get updates later. If you want to be anonymous, use n/a (but then we won't reach you to offer this service).
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